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Be Bold

Spring 2022 shows are done, and we’re taking time to highlight our favourite Street Style from the past month. It is also the moment for the biggest trends of Summer and Fall to come out to play. Here are some of the fellow New Yorkers who are not afraid to that Fashion has no Boundaries:

Fashion Product Development

The Latest UGG x Telfar Collection Is Here

“Telfar is exceptional; a true pioneer and visionary and one of the first designers to believe that being unapologetically yourself is sexy. At Ugg, we believe in the same thing, and that fashion can be real, democratic, and aspirational all at the same time. This collection will be the perfect expression of our shared beliefs,”-Andrea O’Donnell,

With the resurrection of the Y2K trend comes the return of the Ugg boot. Collaborating with Telfar was part of Ugg’s rebirth. It is unisex and is a customary Christmas gift throughout the holidays. The Ugg + Telfar boots are one of the most exciting fashion developments for the forthcoming fall and winter seasons.

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Yotka, Steff. “‘I Like the Ubiquity’-Telfar Clemens Announces a Collaboration with UGG.” Vogue, Vogue, 17 Sept. 2020, https://www.vogue.com/article/telfar-ugg-collaboration. 


Sumaya Abdi & Lois Gomez

Our latest editorial featuring Halima Aden

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